Behind the Scenes: Stealth IPO

Photo: HAF F-16 Demo Team, Creative Commons License

Photo: HAF F-16 Demo Team, Creative Commons License

Eighty percent of IPOs now qualify for confidential S-1 filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Smart companies are preparing for the IPO well before the S-1 is secretly filed.Continue Reading

Have Ashton Kutcher tweet about your company

Ashton Kutcher Tweet Your Startup

“We can get Ashton Kutcher/Jay-Z/Angelina Jolie to tweet about our company, cause we’re doing such good things for humans/dogs/whales!”

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Shareholder Activism Goes Social, Individual Investors Get Platform from Carl Icahn

Screen shot of Carl Icahn's Shareholder's Square Table web site

Shareholder activism continues its post-recession swim downstream at

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6 Tips for Pitching Angels and VCs in 2013

Photo of Silicon Valley Landmark Sign Off 280 to Sand Hill Road

6 super simple tips for pitching VCs and angels in 2013. Angels and VCs invest in different stages of a company’s life, so know how to tailor your pitch to these differences.

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Cheap “reputation repair” gets expensive

Photo of young woman worried about her reputation

I said, “Friend, I love a bargain too, but there are 4 things you should never buy cheap: sushi, lawyers, dentists, and reputation repair.” Here’s what can go wrong:

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